Jade Hot Stone Massage is an ancient healing art, which combines the relaxing and harmonizing effect of massage with the energetic properties of Jade Stones and their ability to store, release heat and mobilize energy. The result is a deep state of meditative tranquility, mental and physical relaxation. The whole energy of the body will be mobilized and chakra balance restored.

Hot Stone Massage: Geo – Thermo Therapy

Hot Stone Massage is based on the principle of thermotherapy. Scientifically, the definition of thermotherapy is: the application of either hot or cold to the body for the purpose of changing the physiological response that are going on in the body. Hot stones help with increasing blood circulation and the body’s metabolism as well as decreasing stress, tension and tissue stiffness.

Jade Stone – The healing properties of Jade Stone

Jade is a kind of gemstone with long history. You can find the traditional jade culture in many area especially in China. Chinese people regard Jade as a kind of precious stone with many healing properties.

Spiritual and Emotional Healing

Jade Stone is a healing stone with a high vibration and has a powerful connection with Heart Chakra (Anahata). Jade can help people develop compassion, manifest unconditional love and gain strength and wisdom in changing the circumstances in relationships that are not in their best interests.

Mental Healing

According to many researchers in modern times, Jade has immense powers in mental healing. Jade can bring mind peacefulness and tolerance to people and give them a proper mood to acquire knowledge effectively. Jade is the most powerful stone to help you set your mindset to make impossible, possible. It can help people keep away from stress, and fight mental pressure and depression. Jade can bring fortune and remove suffering.

Detoxification and Physical Healing

In addition, jade has great physical healing powers in people’s life. Jade is said to be helpful in removing the toxins in the body effectively and can bring health and energy to human body. Besides, it is also good for the skeletal restructuring, kidneys, liver and other organs. If you want to enhance your strength without any pill, jade is a perfect choice. Jade is also helpful in improving eyesight and circulation of the blood.

Jade Hot Stone Modalities

Jade Hot Stone Placement on Chakras (Centres of energy)

The stones are strategically placed on the body, on the main and secondary chakras. These energy centres have been known to Asian Cultures for more than 2000 years, but it’s only in the last few decades that this information has been widely circulated in the West.

The word Chakras is Sanskrit for “Wheel”. Chakras are conceptualized as spinning wheels. Each Chakra has a colour and vibrates to a specific frequency. We can both directly and indirectly energize and balance the chakras with the assistance of the stones.

The specific placement of jade stone creates a harmonious connection between themselves and the body. There is a continuous exchange of temperature and energy between the jade stone and the body, with exceptional healing benefits both at the physical and energy level. The healing properties of Jade Stones helps rearrange the energy patterns of the body, mind and emotions on order to create harmony and health.

Jade Hot Stone Back Massage (includes Connective Tissue Massage and Pressure Points)

This combined technique helps release chronic tension, alleviate muscle spasm, increase blood flow, and consecutively decrease local pain. The session starts with a specific Jade Hot Stone Placement in a full posterior layout (pillow, spinal, trapezius, lumbar, hands, legs and feet). As the session progresses, moderate pressure and gentle massage maneuvers are performed on the back, shoulders and neck in a harmonious pattern that follows the principles of human anatomy and physiology integrated with the vibratory principle of energy flow (Polarity Therapy). Jade Hot stones are used to massage these areas, melting away stress and tension, increasing joint flexibility, detoxifying and softening skin.

In addition to the Jade Hot Stone Massage maneuvers, the technique includes Shiatsu Pressure Points that increases the local blood and energy flow and Connective Tissue Massage reflexive technique that comprises manipulation of the skin and subcutaneous tissues with a beneficial effect upon tissues remote from the area of treatment.

Other therapies integrated:

Reiki Energy Healing, Energy Connection (Marma Points Head Massage, Hopi Back Technique, Hand Massage, Brazilian Toe Massage) and Jade Hot Stone Therapy come together for a relaxing experience that releases physical tension, induces a deep state of physical and mental relaxation, removes blockages in the body’s energetic system and balances the energy flow in the chakras (energy centers) and meridians.

Reiki Energy Healing and Jade Hot Stone Massage

Reiki is an ancient Japanese modality of energy healing that brings stress relief, inner balance, and promotes overall healing. Reiki activates a person’s natural healing process to restore emotional, physical and mental well-being. (Reiki) It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.

Throughout the session the precisely focalized energy of both Reiki and Jade Stones is strongly amplified by the crystal structure of the Himalayan Salt. This tuned energy makes the combination of Reiki Energy Healing, Jade Hot Stones Massage and Salt Therapy a unique and powerful healing experience. Read more here.

Energy Connection (4 zones: Head, Back, Hands and Feet)

To bring and maintain balance to the energy flow in the body, we must maintain the polarities that are dominant in the body. These polarities follow imaginary lines of energy from the head to the feet. These are positive and negative energies similar to a battery and, like a battery, a charge is created when connected to an outside source.

Energy Connection integrates Marma Points Head Massage, Hopi Back Technique and Sacral Connective Tissue Massage, Pressure Points Massage, Hand Massage and Pressure Points, and Brazilian Toe Massage.

Marma Points Head Massage

See Indian Head Massage – stimulation of energy points (Marmas) and the corresponding, interconnected energy channels. Read more here.

Hopi Back Technique & Crystal Therapy

The Hopi Technique origins lie in the tradition of the Hopi Indians. The Hopi believe that all past hurts reside trapped in the back, removing shielding around the heart. The Hopi technique sequence integrated in the Jade Hot Stone Massage session is a shorter, adapted version of the powerful, traditional form of energetic surgery that is used to pull pain and trauma from the heart chakra, healing past hurts and infusing the person with positive energy. Useful for those who feel drained or generally uncomfortable, it is particularly effective for those with chronic disease, supporting their body’s need for energy to continue healing.

The technique incorporates massage maneuvers performed on the energy points (corresponding to the East Indian Chakra System and the ancient Chinese Acupressure points) located along the vertebral column. The maneuvers deeply relieves the tension in and relaxes the back muscles. An alternative for the manual maneuvers are the ones using Rose Quartz Crystal and/or Jade Stones based on the client’ specific needs.

Hand Massage / Pressure Points

The sequence involves both Swedish massage maneuvers and Acupressure that helps the client identify the key pressure points situated on the hand, which can be stimulated regularly as Self Treatment.

Hand Pressure Points is a complementary therapy that targets the vital organs your body right from the palm of your hands. See also Reflexology/Foot Reflexology. Read more here.

Brazilian Toe Massage

Brazilian Toe Technique is a form of Acupressure and is based on the polarity principle as fingers and toes alternate positive and negative energy.

This method consist in applying gentle physical pressure on specific energy points on the toes. It not only produces a pleasant sensation by stimulating the sensory receptors on the feet but stimulates the flow of the energy through the meridians.

Brazilian Toe Massage can help reduce emotional stress and imbalances, and overall physical pain and achiness. Additional benefits include:

  • Calms the nervous system
  • Soothes restless leg syndrome
  • Relief from insomnia
  • Improves emotional balance
  • Calms irritable children

Types of Jade Massage

Jade A

Jade B

Jade C

Jade D

Jade E

45 mins Jade Hot Stone Back Massage

30 mins Reiki Session & 30 mins Jade Hot Stone Back Massage

Full Reiki Session with Jade Hot Stone Placement

60 mins Full Reiki Session with Jade Hot Stone Placement + 30 mins Jade Hot Stone Back Massage

1Energy Connection & Jade Hot Stone Back Massage

1Energy Connection & Jade Hot Stone Back Massage: Jade Hot Stone Back Massage-Hopi Back Technique-Marma Points Scalp Massage-Hand Massage & Pressure Points-Brazilian Toe Massage

Jade A 45 mins Session

Jade B 60 mins Session

Jade C 60 mins Session

Jade D 90 mins Session

Jade E 90 mins Session

$ 100
$ 125
$ 115
$ 160
$ 170
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