Our Policies

Please note the following cancellation / missed appointment policy: A full 24 hours notice is required for cancelling appointments.

The following rules have been created for your safety and to allow all participants to take full advantage of a peaceful and relaxing time during the Halotherapy sessions.

We request you to follow the rules in the Salt Cave for yours and others’ comfort, well-being, and safety:

Arrive for your appointment ten minutes before the scheduled time. Waiver must be signed.

In order not to disturb people enjoying their alternative therapy, nobody is allowed to enter the Salt Cave while in session.

We ask you not to leave the Salt Cave during session, only in case of emergency.

Do not use any perfumes, creams, lotions or any other substances that may produce a fragrance as they may have an allergic effect on another person.

– Do not bring bags, purses or outdoor wear into the Salt Cave.

For hygienic reasons, please wash your hands before each session.

Use the restroom before the session starts.

Please, do not touch decoration or walls.

Do not throw salt, as it may irritate eyes.

Maintain verbal silence during session in the Salt Cave. Many people like to meditate or sleep.

No consumption of food or drinks is allowed in the Salt Cave.

Presence of a parent/guardian for children under 9 years of age is required for the duration of a session.

Refrain from bringing your children’s personal items to the Salt Cave, such as: toys, feeding bottles or other articles of that nature.

The Salt Cave and other areas of our facility are equipped with closed circuit cameras for your safety.

Groupon Policy:

If you have expired groupon voucher and would like still to use it, you will need to pay the difference towards REGULAR price.

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