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Salt & Aroma

The salt contains the essential oil of juniper fruits.

Hot stone massage is an ancient healing art, which combines the relaxing and harmonizing effect of massage with the energetic properties of Jade Stones and their ability to store, release heat and mobilize energy. The result is a deep state of meditative tranquility, mental and physical relaxation. The whole energy of the body will be mobilized and chakra balance restored.

Hot Stone Massage: Geo – Thermo Therapy
Hot Stone Massage is based on the principle of thermotherapy. Scientifically, the definition of thermotherapy is: the application of either hot or cold to the body for the purpose of changing the physiological response that is going on in the body. Hot stones help with increasing blood circulation and the body’s metabolism as well as decreasing stress, tension and tissue stiffness.

Hot Stones Placement on Chakras (Centers of energy)
The stones are strategically placed on the body, on the main and secondary chakras. These energy centers have been known to Asian Cultures for more than 2000 years.
The specific placement of hot stones create a harmonious connection between themselves and the body. There is a continuous exchange of temperature and energy between the jade stone and the body, with exceptional healing benefits both at the physical and energy level. The healing properties of Jade Stones help rearrange the energy patterns of the body, mind and emotions in order to create harmony and health.

Hot Stone Back Massage (includes Connective Tissue Massage and Pressure Points)
This combined technique helps release chronic tension, alleviate muscle spasm, increase blood flow, and consecutively decrease local pain. During the sessions, moderate pressure and gentle massage maneuvers are performed on the back, shoulders and neck in a harmonious pattern that follows the principles of human anatomy and physiology integrated with the vibratory principle of energy flow (Polarity Therapy). Jade Hot stones are used to massage these areas, melting away stress and tension, increasing joint flexibility, detoxifying and softening skin. In addition, acupressure points increase the local blood and energy flow and connective tissue massage reflexive technique that comprises manipulation of the skin and subcutaneous tissues with a beneficial effect upon tissues remote from the area of treatment.

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