Salt Wonder

Salt Therapy For Children

Relax & Enjoy

Why not try the Salt Cave natural method of healing before starting your children on long-term medication, where the hormone content of many drugs can cause serious and dangerous side-effects?

Clinical Research

Clinical trials have shown that children react very quickly, effectively and intensively to natural healing methods. The effectiveness of Salt Natural Therapy is directly observable and highly suggested for all pediatric respiratory and skin conditions. Studies have shown that 85- 95% of children became symptom-free, after only 3 natural therapy sessions. This effect is long-term. Parents noted that after 10-12 months there was still a significant improvement in their symptoms and regular medication had been reduced by 65-75%. The natural treatment definitely improved the children’s quality of life.

Please note that Salt Natural Therapy is suggested from the age of 6 months.

Long-term health improvements?

As a result of Salt therapy, inflammation and mast cell response within the bronchi reduces, so the quality and function of breathing improves. This leads to the balancing of other bodily systems, due to increased oxygen availability. Thanks to the desensitization of the immune response, sleep patterns will improve and acute attacks and the need for medication will substantially decrease. This means the child will have more energy to play or exercise and become stronger and more resilient to everyday infections.