Salt Wonder

Saltwonder Policies

Our Policies

Please note the following cancellation / missed appointment policy: A full 24 hours notice is required for canceling appointments.

The following rules have been created for your safety and to allow all participants to take full advantage of a peaceful and relaxing time during the Halotherapy sessions.

  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes earlier than your appointment time.
  • Please do not disturb others while having your haloptherapy session.
  • Please do not leave the Salt Cave during the session unless in case of emergencies.
  • Please do not use any perfumes, scented creams, lotions as they may have an allergic effect on other clients.
  • Please do not touch Himalayan Salt decorations or walls.
  • Please do not throw salt particles inside the salt cave as it may irritate eyes.
  • Please lower your voice or maintain silence during your sessions in the salt cave.
  • Please do not bring food or drinks in the salt cave.
  • Presence of a parent/guardian for children under 9 years of age is required during the halotherapy session.
  • Refrain from bringing your children’s personal items to the salt cave, such as: toys, feeding bottles or other articles of that nature.
  • The Salt Cave and other areas of our facility are equipped with closed circuit cameras for your safety.

Groupon Policy:

If you have an expired groupon voucher and would like still to use it, you will need to pay the difference towards the REGULAR price.